Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy arcade conversion developed and released by SEGA in 1991. Also known as Revenge of Dracon in the US.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Game Gear
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Publication Date: 07/04/2022
YouTube Release: 12/12/2023
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Player's Review

"The evil King Drancon has kidnapped Tanya! Destroy the ferocious creatures and rescue you girl!"

SEGA's take on the arcade game developed by Escape/Westone Bit Entertainment in 1986. There are more levels and items are placed differently. Some gameplay mechanics have been changed or removed.

The game has 40 levels split over 10 areas. In each you need to traverse the stage jumping over enemies, obstacles and moving floors. You have a vitality meter that is counting down. If it depletes, you lose a life. Collect fruit to refill the bar. Collecting skateboard allows you to absorb one enemy hit but you are also constantly moving. Each stage has 4 checkpoints which you can restart from if you lose a life. Completing four Stages in each area leads you to a boss fight which is thankfully fairly simple. Just keep shooting the head and if he throws a fireball, just let it go over you head or high jump it if the boss is in the middle of the screen.

Each level also contains a Doll to find. Most of the time they are visible and easy to collect but a few are hidden in the rocks and also in the fire in the later stages. Area 9-4 may well be the end of the game however collecting all 36 dolls by the end of stage 9-4 allows you to move into area 10 and collect four more dolls. However, this is where Sega dropped the ball as the ending is exactly the same if finish at 9-4 or 10-4 with or without all 40 dolls. It feels unrewarding and leaves a bitter taste for all the effort it takes.

Within each level there is a hidden letter to find. Each time you collect four letters to spell SEGA, you are awarded an extra life. However, Try as I might, I was unable to find the location of all of them and I can only assume that they do exist, but very well hidden much like the arcade original.

I have uploaded two playthroughs. The first is a normal run through the game collecting all dolls and any letters I can find. The second playthrough shows collecting the toys / jewellery to access a bonus area. In this area warps can be accessed to jump to on of the 3 checkpoints in the level. The order is not always the same. However taking this route often means giving up access to the Letter or Doll. I have made sure to get all the dolls in this run as well as the show the bonus area at the cost of some lives. Visiting these bonus areas seems to do absolutely nothing for your score as its overall much lower than my no bonus rounds playthrough.

Once the game is finally over though the lack effort on segas part shines through with no special ending or recognition of the dolls, letters and toys collected. Not even a credit roll. Even the Home Computer conversions had more resemblance to the arcade game.

For No Bonus Areas shown.
00:00:00 Area 1
00:07:00 Area 2
00:14:17 Area 3
00:21:18 Area 4
00:28:50 Area 5
00:36:30 Area 6
00:43:35 Area 7
00:50:55 Area 8
00:58:43 Area 9
01:06:20 Area 10