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Author(s): NPINPI
System: Atari Jaguar
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Publication Date: 25/09/2022
YouTube Release: 26/04/2023
Duration: 01:47:43
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The Story:
In the future and after 20 years of being in development, the Override mainframe supercomputer, which is buried on the South Pole in order to keep its core at very low temperatures from overheating, went online on schedule and its main function is to handle information of the ever-increasingly complex internet, called I-Way, through advanced processing capabilities that the technology inside of the supercomputer offers and as such, society started depending on it and worked for years without exhibiting issues until its databases started mutating and computer viruses began to clog the I-Way, leading to delays, slow information transfers, among other issues that brings the Override to the point of self-destruction as a result of the now-mutated databases. In response to the situation, the player is assigned to pilot an antivirus tank vehicle in order to destroy mutated databases and viruses that are clogging the I-Way, in addition to collecting datapods. After traversing multiple nodes, the player finally arrives to the Override Central Block and destroys the boss database by overloading it with viruses, saving I-Way in the process until next time.

Had to play this game in the third-person perspective most of the time, as it's easier that way. You easily get lost in the mazes, and the map is not really helpful.