Hyper Fighting

Hyper Fighting, an Unlicensed SFII Clone developed by Mr. Anonymous. Self published in limited numbers in 2014. The rom is now freely available at Planet Virtual Boy since 2019. https://www.virtual-boy.com/homebrew/...downloads/

Longplay Information

Author(s): ScHlAuChiScHlAuChi
System: Virtual Boy
Subtitle Language:
Additional Info: 3D / Unlicensed
Publication Date: 27/07/2022
YouTube Release: 03/01/2023
Duration: 01:44:53
File Size: 640.96 MB (656340.00 KB)
Downloads: 66 downloads
File Links: Download Part: 1
Download Part: 2

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Player's Review

"Feel the need for speed! They’re back and they’re badder than ever! Faster, stronger and with all new moves, twelve of the greatest fighters from across the globe are ready to do battle! Choose your champion and get ready for the big brawl as you try to earn the right to battle M. Bison for the title. And just when you think you’ve mastered it all, crank it up a notch and go TURBO! Cover your head as Blanka dives at you from above and hear your neck crack as Zangief hits you with the Turbo Spinning Clothesline. Stare in disbelief as Dhalsim disappears before your eyes and Chun Li unleashes her blazing fireball! Watch in awe as Sagat fights Sagat and Ryu does a Hurricane Kick in mid-air! Survive all this and you may live long enough to become the greatest Street Fighter ever!"

00:00:00 - Ryu - Arcade - Difficulty: Normal - Speed: Normal
00:20:50 - Guile - Arcade - Difficulty: Easy - Speed: Slow
00:38:30 - Ken - Arcade - Difficulty: Hard - Speed: Fast
00:56:25 - Blanka - Arcade - Difficulty: Hard - Speed: Very Slow
01:14:07 - Chun Li - Arcade - Difficulty: Hard - Speed: Very Fast
01:31:02 - Ben - Training - Difficulty: Hard - Speed: Turbo
01:32:30 - Ben - Survival - Difficulty: Hard - Speed: Fast

The final playthrough is played as Ben. "This hidden character represents Planet VB user Benjamin Stevens who initiated and financed the project. Read the full story about his cameo here. https://www.virtual-boy.com/forums/t/...-fighting/ "

3D Version is also available with switched Left/Right to allow for Crosseye 3D to work without any special screen or glasses required to view. Lowering the video height in the player will help with viewing. To watch on a 3DTV, use the Swap L/R function.

Overall it feels a tad janky compared to the original but is still a pretty impressive effort for Virtual Boy!
Thanks to Mad-Matt for encoding this longplay correctly!