Picture Puzzle (Karoshi Corporation)

Picture Puzzle developed by Karoshi Corporation for MSX is a one of the picross games. This is port of the game with same name from Neo Geo Pocket Color, but with less puzzles.

Longplay Information

System: MSX
Subtitle Language:
Additional Info: Homebrew
Publication Date: 25/07/2021
YouTube Release: 06/01/2023
Duration: 01:23:02
File Size: 113.78 MB (116512.84 KB)
Downloads: 55 downloads
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Player's Review

NOTE: I putted developer's name with the game title, because there is different game with the same name for MSX developed by HAL Laboratory. I did it to avoid confusion.

Simple picross game with annoying music. Unlike original Picture Puzzle for Neo Geo Pocket Color this version contains only 45 puzzles (from 5x5 to 15x15). There is no save progress system, but you can use passwords which generate during play to continue.

You can also load additional puzzles via "Load World" menu. I guess new puzzles might be loaded from floppy disks or cassettes.

I'm not a master of nonograms, but I believe that I can solve puzzles pretty well (I allowed a few mistakes, but it's not big deal).

Time codes:

00:00:29 - 5x5 puzzles
00:12:38 - 10x10 puzzles
00:55:09 - 15x15 puzzles