Star Wars Arcade

Star Wars Arcade, one of the launch games for the Sega 32x released in 1994 and is a conversion of the Arcade game 'Star Wars' released in 1993.

Longplay Information

Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 32X
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Publication Date: 22/07/2017
YouTube Release: 25/05/2023
Duration: 00:47:01
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Player's Review

Initially seeing this running in a shop display window when launched, the game looked quite impressive (although massively inferior to the arcade original, but I had never seen that version back then) and one of those games I tried to get more than a few goes on with the demo machine. It looks and plays quite badly now, but my 14 year old quite liked it, but was never able to buy it.

Anyway, the game is quite quirky to play with limited camera movement and enemies that move quite fast across the screen and can be difficult to dodge incoming fire that appears to move faster than you can evade at times in the tunnels in particular. Its actually quite difficult towards the end as by the final few levels the enemies are hitting with precision that you cant easily avoid.

I start the longplay in 32x enhanced mode which is pretty much the same as the arcade mode but with some filler levels thrown in to make the game last longer. I did not notice any gfx enhancements. After the game is completed I show the 4 level Arcade mode which has the exact same ending ....

00:00:00 32x Mode
00:32:55 Arcade Mode