Stellar Assault

Stellar Assault, released in 1995 for the Sega 32x.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 32X
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Publication Date: 05/08/2017
YouTube Release: 26/05/2023
Duration: 01:12:13
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Player's Review

The game is also known as Shadow Squadron in the US region yet retains the Stellar Assault name on the title screen.

The game involved choosing a ship and fighting through 6 stages of shooting up enemy vessels before the ultimate weapon. The two ships differ in how they work each with the own pros and cons. Feather one gives you plenty of energy and is replenished at the end of each stage. However it is lacking in firepower and can not destroy enemy projectiles. Feather 2 gives you a single energy reserve that must last you through all 6 stages with no top up. It does come with more powerful main weapon and you can shoot down projectiles coming your way. Feather one also gives you a secondary shield which costs energy which can save you in some tight spots but don't ever depend on it. The demo mode shows using that shield to fly through the enemy ships to damage them, but I am pretty sure that strategy does not work in your favour.

The game is quite short is a easier with feather one if you take your time. projectiles only tend to hit if they are on your screen at the point of impact. Feather 2 is more for the run and gun type. take risks and blow stuff up quick but don't waste shots as it costs precious energy . All the ships have weak points to aim for (the green or red spots) but not always easy to hit. Getting up close and slowing right down so you cant see any projectiles being fired and hammering the fire button will get the job done even if it takes a little longer.

For completing the game a 'Trace' mode is opened where you can watch an external camera view / replay of the battle you just won.

00:00:00 Playthrough with Feather 1
00:40:58 Playthrough with Feather 2