Super Off-Road

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Atari Lynx
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Publication Date: 14/10/2014
YouTube Release: 08/07/2023
Duration: 00:39:43
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Player's Review

Looking at the screenshot, the game looks promising. even though it looks zoomed in with big sprites again, its colourful and looks to b another good port of this arcade game.

That is until you play it and realise the developer should have been fired for wasting time putting this together and the publisher shot along side him for putting it out. The game runs at about 2 frames a second making the game quite difficult, but not only that, you can very easily get stuck in the trackside barriers and elements. It certainly was not fun to bring this longplay.

The game is maybe based on the mega-Drive version as after completing 32 tracks, the game simply keeps looping. I cut to the high score table after this point. The game doesn't seem to have enough numbers to track your winnings at the shop so can look like you lost it all when it rolls over.