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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 31/03/2020
YouTube Release: 31/01/2021
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Spectrum 128k

Steg, (Otherwise known as Steg the Slug) Developed by Big Red Software and published by Codemasters in 1992. The game was also released for the other 8/16bit Home Computers of the time.

"It's slime time with Steg the Slug! T'yungunz need nosh and Steg needs to feed 'em. So strap on the bionic legs, engage that rocket pack. Steg's slug family needs raisin!"

One of the last few budget games I got for the Commodore 64. I had not played the Spectrum version until just recently. There are not many videos around of this game and getting back into the game I remember why. While the game is a short ten level affair, the game is more challenging than its simple graphics portray. The gameplay is also quite different to the C64 version so even the level solutions I remember don't work here. That said the Spectrum version gameplay is better and makes the game more manageable. The game is very well presented with title and ingame music. The colours have been used well with minimal colourclash

In this Longplay, I show all ten levels with bonus areas in levels 1 through 6. If they exist in 7 to 10 I have not found how to trigger them. The objective is simple. Blow bubbles and get the grub to the yungunz. However, there are spikes fans and walls to get in your way. You have to be precise with where you launch the bubbles else they can hit a wall and pop. Sometimes they need extra help to move where you need them. All this takes time as t'yungunz will starve if made to wait. To help you are powerups which help to speed you up or fly around and refill your energy. Watch out for bad apples though as they can drain your energy. Surprisingly, you can eat the flowers in this version. There are also bionic legs which I did not find very useful at all in any level and are a bit of a red herring. Same with a button on levels 9 and 10 that does seemingly nothing. The bonus areas should probably be avoided as they only award points and going to them costs you time better spent getting the grubz. There is certainly room for optimisation but I tried to show the level layouts and just go for fastest possible time.

All in all its a well produced puzzle game for the spectrum. It can still be frustrating having to manage energy and lining up the bubbles but thankfully it has a password system that you should definitely use as you only get 1 life in the game!

Note that the score drops after level 1 as I amended the start of the video after figuring out that there is actually a bonus room in level 1. And I didn't want to have to replay the entire game....

Level 1: 00:01:02
Level 2: 00:04:17
Level 3: 00:08:46
Level 4: 00:12:45
Level 5: 00:18:13
Level 6: 00:22:43
Level 7: 00:28:11
Level 8: 00:29:56
Level 9: 00:31:51
Level 10: 00:36:10