The Neverending Story

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 28/04/2020
YouTube Release: 01/02/2021
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The Neverending Story, published by Ocean Software in 1985. One of the earliest 128k releases and was a PackIn game with the Retail 128k Spectrum.


The Story
The computer game follows the main theme of the film and is set in "Fantasia", a world of the imagination facing extinction by the "All consuming Nothing", eroding its very fabric and condemning it to oblivion. It is in desperate need of a hero from the "Real World", someone to believe in it and thus renew its life.

That someone is a small boy, Bastian Balthazar Bux, who discovers a dusty old book on the shelves of an antique bookshop. The title is "The Neverending Story" and it chronicles the ever changing fortunes of the people of "Fantasia". Bastian takes the book and blowing the dust from its jacket reveals the front cover depicting "Auryn" the silver and gold medallion symbolizing the strength of "Fantasia". On reaching school he avoids his teachers, climbs into an abandoned attic and setting himself down on an old rug begins to read the compelling tale.

The many peoples of "Fantasia" are gathered to seek audience with their Empress, but are dismayed to find her ill and weak. "Cairon", the physician gives them encouragement, telling of a hero, a small boy from the plains by the name of Atreyu - the only person who can find the saviour of "Fantasia". In the game you take the part of Atreyu and only through your endeavours will the kingdom be restored to its former glory!"

The game is a well presented and short (only if you know the solution) text adventure which ties in with the movie of the same name. The C64 game is a multiload in 3 parts but the 128k release shown here loads the entire game in one 8 minute load. A good rendition of the theme music plays throughout making it more interesting than the C64 version.

To make this recording stand out from all others, I haven't gone for the fastest completion time and met the minimum requirements for finishing the game. I show an alternate solution for finding the coin and a partial use of the leather cloth, even though I cant find a full solution for it. Ideally I wanted to show the invisibility cloak as well found in the swamps but I was finding item management tricky.

A small issue in this version allows text to scroll past before you can even read it as it doesn't all fit in the text window. Another game issue might be the picking up of 'The Shiny Object' at the start. Unless you have read the instructions or know that it is 'Auryn' (needed to command falkor) you might not know to pick it up.