Knight Rider

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 20/05/2020
YouTube Release: 02/02/2021
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Player's Review

ZX Spectrum 48k

Knight Rider, developed and published by Ocean Software in 1986.

This is a good example of Oceans early days of paying out for big licences and pushing out the crappiest game they could get away with knowing that crap sells especially with knight Rider on the front cover. Looking at Steam 35 years later and it’s pretty much the same today.

In the game you play as Michael Knight and going after terrorists. You do so with the help of a car, Kitt which talks, drives itself and fires lasers! Should be great right? Wrong! At the start you choose the mission you wish to take on. Follow kitts advice on where to go first and then follow any clues you find there. You might have to enter some building and run to the other side of the room while dodging some guards. Then you go back out and take a slow drive to the next point. Knowing your way around the US might help here.

Whilst driving, there will be attack helicopters constantly harassing you. You can choose to shoot these down or let kitt do it. I prefer to drive as Kitt sees itself as a Peugeot driver and likes to take his time. It’s also better at shooting as if Michael takes control you are at the mercy of the horrifically bad collision detection. However if A tight corner approaches I quickly give kitt control as he can turn faster than Michael. You are fighting against time and taking damage will cost you a lot of time between checkpoints should you need repairs. Driving off road can cause far more damage than the attack helicopters do.

While the game exists only to make a quick buck it at least seems more fitting on a 1986 spectrum than on the C64. That version was dire. I'm undecided if this is better or worse than the Highlander game released in the same year from Ocean. In the longplay I play just the Random Mission generated by the game. After the C64 version I couldn't bring my self to play through each mission again. They are all pretty much the same and do end the same way even more so in the speccy version as the road colours don't change. But at least they got the dash colour right!