Street Hawk

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 20/05/2020
YouTube Release: 02/02/2021
Duration: 00:21:21
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Player's Review

ZX Spectrum 48k

Street Hawk, developed and published by Ocean in 1986.

Your name is Jesse Mach a cop with a test pilot mentality. You have been chosen by Norman Tuttle, a crack government engineer to test the top secret motorcycle project Street Hawk - and in so doing avenge the death of your best friend Marty, killed by criminal elements who you must track down and destroy.

First pursue the bad guy's cars, the XR3's, through town eliminating them with the laser. Watch out for snipers, they can prove deadly and be careful not to shoot innocent civilians since this will alert the attention of the Police who will give chase. You will be informed of a robbery and have to act quickly if you want to dispose of the villains, (in order to proceed) and keep moving because these guys shoot back!

In the robbery scene the laser sight must be positioned over the villain, then press FIRE to shoot. In the next scene your target is the largest black Sedan, get rid of this and you can progress to the main event - the Porsche of the chief criminal; he'll be difficult to knock out, but the memory of your friend spurs you on... GOOD LUCK!"

Another licenced game from Ocean in 1986. In this time period it didnt matter how good the game was as the licence will sell it self and this would be the core strategy at Ocean for a while. Street Hawk gets a bad wrap for this reason but when you compare it against Knight Rider and Highlander, Street Hawk is a triple A title. At least Street Hawk has some actual gameplay and for 1986, its not untypical of Spectrum games from this time.

In the longplay I play through the initial 3 levels and at this point you've seen everything there is to see. However it seems to loop for a further 4 levels which are notably more difficult and ends in game over. I'm not sure if this actually the end or I just ran out of fuel but serves as a good place to end the video. I also never got the Hyperthust do do much and just ended up wasting its energy which you can never get back!