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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 09/03/2021
YouTube Release: 05/04/2022
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Spectrum 48k

Buggy Blast, Developed by Dave Lowe and Paul Hibbard and published by Firebird software in 1985

"BUGGY - A sophisticated and powerful space/ground attack vehicle fitted with the latest weapon and defense systems ... launched from the Mother Ship to destroy a virulent robotic life force on the planet Endra.
BLAST - Tension builds rapidly as the Lurgon's outer defenses are breached and their complex robot defense systems are encountered ... A buggy pilot will need swift reactions and an ability to remain calm in a crisis..."

For over three centuries, the planet ENDRA has been inhabited by the
LURGONS. The key to their power is held in the CENTRAL LURGON CORRIDOR
(Sector 8). A pilot skilled enough to gain entry to this sector and
destroy 20 Lurgons will cause a power reversal that will consume the
whole complex."

If only the game followed its own rule as above, the game / video might have been a bit shorter. I need to play Sector 8 three times and its only on the third round that it seems to take notice and end the game after destroying 20 Lurgons. Notice the hi score has bugged out and displays 0. I think it overflowed at 32768. If the game ended after run 8 like I think it should, it wouldnt have been an issue.

I quite enjoy this game although back in the day not so much. The game is keyboard only and aiming the phaser is tricky when the screen fills up. Now with emulation and key re mapping, the game becomes controllable. Id always likes its presentation and its limited use of the beeper and border effects. The game isn't bad either as you attempt to shoot everything that appears and make it back to your mother ship before the fuel runs out. You can return to the ship at any time. It will only send you to the next sector if you have achieved an unspecified amount of skill / credits.

All enemies if they succeed in attacking will drain your energy. the red orbs do most damage and the helibombs are the most annoying. Sometimes a magnet bomb will appear in the corridor and hang around. It can sometimes be a while before it turns red and if it does, you need to jump out of there else you will be blown up. Blue orbs must also be killed quickly as they will destroy you in one hit. The purple helibombers can sent you into a time distortion field and you need to fire the xion phaser the moment your weapon syncs. If you fire early or the bomb goes off you take a lot of damage.

As the game goes on it gets more hectic and every defense can come at you at once. The screen can get quite psychedelic when the radiation storm hits leaving you unable to aim properly. When your energy gets below 1000, its time to think about leaving and refuel. The number above scan indicated how likely you are to bump into a mine near the mother ship. If you encounter it you should destroy quickly as your energy is draining while you wait to catch up with the mother ship.

Overall I like this game. Nice presentation and you dont have to think to much. Just shoot everything and make it through all sectors. Because you can return to your ship at any time you can attack it through multiple runs until your score meets an undefined requirement to advance.

00:00:00 Sector 1
00:06:30 Sector 2
00:11:45 Sector 3
00:16:50 Sector 4
00:22:30 Sector 5
00:27:30 Sector 6
00:33:00 Sector 7
00:36:50 Sector 8
00:48:20 Sector 1 (Showing death)