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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 11/04/2021
YouTube Release: 06/04/2022
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Player's Review

G-Loc R360, Arcade conversion by Images Software and published by US Gold in 1992.

"In the hot seat of an experimental super plane YOU are the ace pilot. Ahead of you lies 36 action packed suicide missions. Your weaponry is highly impressive. Twin Rapid fire lasers, and an awesome missile guidance system gives you the technological edge needed for your missions. In your hands you have such advanced fire power and controls that are well ahead of your opposition. G-LOC delivers the pulse pounding excitement you'll just want to keep coming back for!"

Considering the hardware limitations this in not a bad conversion to the Spectrum. Interestingly one of the very few 128k only games. (+3 disk version played here). However there is a huge issue with the games difficulty which makes the game damn near impossible. I'm played on Hard, but it only gets more difficult with the lower difficulties due to less lives. There is no time limit as such, but the fuel limit may as well count as that. You get 64 missiles and that has to last you all the way to the end of level 8 where you'll get refilled back yo 64. the same again at the end of level 12. A huge problem is that making 64 missiles last till the end of level 8 is near impossible. It is far too easy to accidently fire more than one at a time and you need to save some for the canyon bombing run as you cant kill with lasers. Only planes can be killed with lasers but that not an easy feat. Note that you don't get any missiles back even when burning up a life.

Confession time!! - To get through this longplay, I've had to cheat!!!! I don't think I've had to resort to this level of cheating for any longplay before. I start the game with 128 missiles. It was the only way I was going to make it through. I still tried to play as normally as possible though and ended up burning more than 20 extra missiles that I normally would of had.

I realized at the end of the game that I never showed after burner usage but that's more of a hindrance anyway as it burns up fuel and doesn't really help. Towards the last levels the game just gets silly with enemy missiles coming at you and its again, damn near impossible to avoid causing you to take damage quickly and burn out remaining lives. The R360 maneuver does nothing!!

Overall, It looks and sounds great for the spectrum with excellent presentation that didn't make into the C64 version at all and its worse off for it. The difficulty just lets this game down though. restricting the missiles is just too much. In other versions you get replenished at the end of the stage.

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