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NARC, Arcade conversion by The Sales Curve and published by Ocean Software in 1990

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 23/05/2021
YouTube Release: 07/04/2022
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Player's Review

"The arcade action thriller with the BIG finish. Infiltrate the criminal underworld - your mission is to seek out and destroy the king pin of the MR BIG CORPORATION - if you get that far. You'll have to outwit his enormous army of body guards gangs of charisma, bypass patients in trench coats, the bullet brain with the build of a rhinoceros and the breath of a dung beetle, packs of vicious canine yappies, the psychotic clown with an evil sense of humor - you'll die, but not laughing! Then there is the gas guzzling Cadillac jock - a cool specimen, elbow hanging on the door rail, a serious looking piece in his hand and ready to blow you away as he rolls down main street leaving you coughing lead. It's not all bad!... You've got a chopper to back you up, a mean, shiny street machine, some heavy metal hardware and some pretty neat moves. And what about the king pin... did I say he was Mr. Big? No, he's MR BIG!"

Well that was some light reading on the back of the box, sure to get you pumped for the game and take to the counter for purchase without a second thought. The conversion is based on the original arcade game by Williams. A side scrolling shooter. Just shoot everyone to you reach the end of the game!

There is a bit more to it than that. The real story is that OCP has bought up the right to the running man and Smash TV. In this new gameshow you put on your Armored suit and are sent out to clean up the street of New Detroit. Just like with smash tv, you will be constantly picking up money, drugs and ammo dropped by the bad guys that are trying to stop your. At the end of each level you receive a huge cash reward and sent on your way to a rougher area. Should you be so good that you complete the mission, you will get to enter the pleasure dome (erm..vault) and collect the spoils in the form of gold bars. There is never a shortage of bad guys to deal with so tune in next week for more!

The Spectrum conversion is quite good overall. The gfx are all well detailed and the mono colour isn't too big of an issue. There is only one piece of music and it stays on the title screen. The presentation is higher then usual for the machine with some nice pre mission interlude screens. The game scrolls much slower than the C64 version but the screen still gets just as hectic with enemies filling the screen if given the chance. Like Smash T.V the enemies are all dropping loot for you to pick up. Ammo, rockets, drugs and money which all help towards your overall score unlocking extra lives. You can also choose to bust enemies for extra score instead of shooting em for loot.

The Spectrum game is probably more faithful to the original arcade than the C64 version. You'll see the dogs turn up more than once but they are easier to deal with as the crouch mechanic seems to work better. In this version you need to hold Space while pressing up for jump or down to crouch and doesn't cost you an accidental rocket fire. Notably, you seem to have more rocket drops in this version. I would say this version is more difficult though. The extra lives system does not seem as generous here so you don't want to hang around to much farming items. I'm sure the game can be completed a little quicker than here if just rushing through.

Overall, I think the Spectrum got a good conversion. the +3 disk version is being played here and it makes a notable difference compared against the tape multiload.

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