Super Seymour Saves the Planet

Spectrum 128k

Super Seymour Saves the Planet, developed by Big Red Software and published by Codemasters in 1991

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 01/09/2021
YouTube Release: 08/04/2022
Duration: 00:32:10
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Player's Review

"Seymour attempts to save the world in his first movie! Pollution has reached incredible levels! There's Toxic Waste everywhere! There's so much of the yucky stuff, evil mutant creatures have evolved and are creating havoc!! Equipped with a Super Cape and Super Mask, it's Seymour's job to clear the world of pollution! Check out Seymour's brilliant super powers: There's Super Blow - Seymour expels a lung-full of air that knocks the mutants flying! He can then jump on them to kill them! To use Super Spit eat the Fruit and spit the pips out - they're like lethal bullets! Trap a mutant with a Super Snare and Jump on it to kill it but hurry - mutants can escape from snares! Speed up Seymour with the excellent Super Sprint!! and bounce higher with Super Duper Leap!! It's all here in Seymour's packed arcade action game!!"

A Seymour game based on the arcade game Bomb Jack. This is probably the most budget targeted game of all the Seymour games and it was never one I liked that much mainly because it doesn't really take much advantage of 128k and it shows when compared with the other games in the series. (48k sfx)

The game is fairly simple. Collect the pollutants in order for bonus score and clear the screen of enemies to finish the level. If score is important you can kill enemies to boost your score multiplier but be aware that the pollutants have a time limit before exploding and will have a negative impact on the total bonus score. Knowing your enemy is important as some can only be knocked down from below and some by jumping on top of them.

The game is endless as far as I know so I only show 30 odd levels. There are about 14 levels and once complete they loop round with added difficulty from more enemies on screen. I think the pollutants collection order moves round as well on some screens.

As final note regarding the 128k version. It seems to have been developed with +2a/+3 memory contention in mind as running on a stock 128k or +2, the game will crash when returning to the loading screen after listening to the title music.