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Publication Date: 26/10/2019
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Spectrum 128k

Robocop 2, developed and published by Ocean Software and released in 1990 for most of the Home Computer platforms of the time.

"Seven levels of muscle-straining reflex-testing, sideways scrolling fury! Destroy the lethal drug Nuke, face a stream of deadly Nuke gangs, and then - if you survive - face the terror that is Robocop 2!

More than a game - Robocop 2 is the Prime Directive"

After the success of the original game, a sequal was sure to follow. Bassed on the movie of the same name you take control of robocop to take out Nuke gangs and destroy Robocop2. The game is well presented and shows Ocean didnt just push out another game for the sakes of it. That was the C64 version, but thats another story to be covered in another video. A notable bug in the game is that the values of T and S dont update on the status panel. I think these should represent the ammount of Special ammo you have.

The game is quite difficult and challanging but not totaly unfair. Powerups are dropping all the time to get you out of a bad situation and there are checkpoints as well when you got hrough doors. The main challenge is knowing how to navigate the level efficiantly as there are plenty of false routes. My biggest gripe withthe game is the rebuilding Robocops memopry stages. They can be a bit confusing ans not only do you navigate around collecting memory frafments, you burn up cells behind you so you cant go back. You can also chip lines to help build a path, but be carefull as if you hot the wrong direction you can pull a block into you which ...kills you. 8 stages of the damn things.

The large levels are boken up by a couple of shooting stages which could maybe have been its own game as its well done. One difference compared withthe C64 version is that these shooting galery stages are a punishment for not doing well rather than actual levels to play. The controls can feel sluggish and you often feel trapped into shooting a particular direction. Also the jumping onto the hook can be very tricky. Overall its a well made game for the Spectrum, but I dont enjoy nearly as much as the first or third game.