Navy Moves

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 29/01/2020
YouTube Release: 20/02/2021
Duration: 00:14:17
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Player's Review

Did Army Moves before this one, and next one will probably be Arctic Moves.

07:02 - I enter the code I got earlier when completing part 1. The reason they ask for the code is to make sure you completed part 1 first, as you can select which part to play, and they don't want you to play part 1 first Smile. Entering the wrong code results in this message:


If you don't make it out in time so the bomb explodes, it says this:


You can't loot enemies killed with the flamethrower, so better make sure not killing any of the important ones that drop the codes, as they don't seem to respawn. I accidentally killed one while he was on a lift, and doing so make them fall through it and disappear, and couldn't get another one to spawn again, not even after I killed myself so I lost a life. Maybe bad luck, or one has to go completely game over, probably not. Maybe he spawned elsewhere after that. Another one died while I took the elevator up, and when it showed the next screen, he was standing in the air where the elevator would stop, so he fell and disappeared before it stopped. They shouldn't have made enemies spawn on the elevator tiles when entering the screen if there's not elevator there yet.

Can't have more than 5 enemies on the screen, as new ones stop spawning/entering then.

The octopus level was crazy hard. You need to hit them a certain amount of times before they die, and you can't afford to miss too many, because as soon as one appears on the screen, it will just go for you after like 7-10 seconds and crush you. So, as soon as I killed one, it was just like 0.5-1 sec left before it would have killed me. I fought each one many times before I managed to kill them all. Thank god for savestates, of which I try to use as few as possible.

When people die, they sound pretty much exactly like the knights in "Elvira - Mistress of the Dark" when they die. Probably the same sound sample.

08:05 - "STOPED"

12:22 - Glitches here and the screen won't move back up by itself, so each enter/space/fire press makes it move a bit each time, which is why it's so jerky. Maybe because I died while typing the stuff so it got confused or something. Time should pause when doing it, but dunno. Could have used a savestate to redo that part, but wanted to die at least once anyway to show the submarine/map screen. This screen seem like something you should be able to display whenever you want, but tried all the keyboard keys and controller combinations (AFAIK). Also looked for a manual and found one from the ZX Spectrum version, but it didn't say anything about controls/keys.

13:22 - Waited a bit to show his idle pose before going to the left to finish the game.

Had to censor the outro as the women had huge, juicy boobs, and the guy a long schlong. People love to report/flag videos that have any sort of nudity in them. Could be a few pixels in a low-res game where you barely can make out if it's a nipple or not, and yet people report it. If you want to see them naked, look at any other recording of this game on YouTube, as no one else censors their Amiga longplays, and yet nothing happens to them.

The cover ( is from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando cover (