RoboCop 3

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 29/03/2020
YouTube Release: 22/02/2021
Duration: 00:35:01
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Player's Review

What a brutal game to play through. You have ONE life. Die and it's game over and you restart from the very beginning, and you die EASILY (at least I do).

I longplayed this game 13 years ago, it was time to redo that longplay with better quality. I played much better back then, guess I had more patience to redo the parts (using savestates) when things didn't go too well.

There's three versions of the game. The main difference between them is one uses a dongle that you plug into the back of the Amiga to bypass the security check (copy protection), the other two uses code protection from the manual (AFAIK). I wanted to go with the code one, but couldn't find the codes anywhere I looked. I of course first started with the main Amiga places, like Hall of Light and Lemon Amiga. They didn't have them for some reason, and I couldn't find them on Google either. So tried to go with the dongle version as I found instructions on how to hack it using the WinUAE's debugger tool, but man, sooo many steps and things to type. I COULD of course use a cracked version of the game, but as always, I avoid them if possible as you can never know what you get with a cracked version. They could have changed ../../images/text to add their own messages (I want clean/untouched versions), removed content to make room for their own crap (cracktros and stuff), and not even tested the whole game properly and cause the game to not be beatable because of something broken. Anyway, after some more extensive Googling, I found ONE site that had the codes.

I played the "Movie adventure" mode. The manual says "The movie section of the game runs like an adventure. Like all adventures it has many twists and turns, so it is difficult to give an accurate flow of how the game will run. So we are not attempting to do so! Media break is used to provide an update of the events so far and creates the back drop to the game.", which would explain why I can still continue to the next part on the first driving level by just entering the building before I take out the truck. Same with the second part when looking for the hostage - waiting long enough and the bad guy escapes and it continues to the next part. So guess the things they say might be different depending on what you do? Couldn't be bothered to check. What I did check tho as I was curious is on the next paragraph.

The "Arcade action" mode has these modes:

F2 CRAZED PUNKS - terrorise neighborhood
F3 POLICE STRIKE - stolen vehicles epidemic

Only F1 differs a bit from what's seen in the longplay. Just a normal walking-around shooting stuff in corridors, but with white/blue-ish walls. There are some pots of plants at the entrance, the OCP logo on the floor, and the room you need to get to has windows. Couldn't be bothered to record it as it's nothing special.

Pressing the F-keys switches between different camera angles, which I show here and there briefly so they are at least included.

If you fail to shoot the ninja(s) the first time you take out your gun, you can't bring out your gun again. Maybe a bug or something.

I drive like a drunk the first two driving levels. I used mouse which makes it really hard. Later switch to joystick.

The hardest level for me was the flying level. Not that it was a difficult level, but had problem with the controls, which I don't remember having 13 years ago. That's probably because I chose to use mouse control then. This time I started out with joystick and kept hitting the ground. He angled up and down so slowly, and even if I flew upwards, which I could confirm by switching the view so I could see RoboCop, he still wouldn't increase in altitude every time. After a while he just stopped flying upwards even if angled upwards, So switched to mouse and it was all a breeze from there. Could have redone the level with mouse from the beginning, but was lazy Smile

It's weird how they sometimes end the music after crashing into something (6:42 as an example). It doesn't have to be one of the trucks you are after, could be civilian cars, also just buildings I think. But it starts playing again after a while.

At 13:40 you can't shot them all before you reach 51%. It's at 51% the game puts you back in the church. I was curious what would happen if I had infinite efficiency, so I memory hacked it to find out. Turns out you can't continue after shooting everything. The trigger to continue is reaching 51%. You could press ESC, which normally makes it game over, but in this case on this scene, even if they are all dead or not, it puts you back on the driving level at 16:19 with the same objectives. Recorded it (not the pressing ESC part):

Some quick timestamps:

03:48 - Driving level
08:40 - Streets level
13:30 - Church level
16:19 - Driving level
17:35 - Hotel level
20:24 - Driving level
29:01 - Ninja level
30:55 - Flying level
33:33 - Ninja level