Popeye 2

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 29/03/2020
YouTube Release: 12/11/2022
Duration: 00:17:19
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Player's Review

The RNG in this game makes it very hard. There's no pattern to a bomb-fuse ignition, torch guns spraying fire, things falling. It can happen at any time and several times in a row, or just once with 5+ sec delay. Every time I load a state, everything happens differently. Like, I save, then stand still for 5 sec, stuff happens during that time, then I load the state and now things happen differently. Got hit by things constantly. You can't wait for the "coast to be clear", as it never happens, you just have to go and hope for the best. You might think "I'll wait for the flame torch thingy to shoot once and move immediately after", well, it might shoot 2 or 3 times in a row, or none at all.

You only have the 3 lives, which consists of 3 hearts, each heart is 3 hit points.

When you first play it you would think the game only has music, no sound effects, but they do exist. Well, just a couple - the exploding bombs and the game over voice... AFAIK. Added the game over thingy at the end.

All burgers need to be collected on each level for Wimpy to let you pass.

You need spinach to boost your arm strength so you can beat Brutus and that pink thing without losing a hit point. As soon as it's depleted, move away quickly and try to get another one. They pop up randomly. Seems it mostly happens when I engage in a fight, which I don't want to when I don't have any strength, thus losing a hit point if hit, which happened a lot. So, I try my best to move close then run away without getting hit.

Wasn't until at the end of level 2 when I noticed the bomb in the panel shows the direction of a lit bomb. At first I thought that it's not fair that they can go off randomly like that outside the screen, taking a hit point each time, but now when I can see the direction, it's okay.

On the last level I didn't care about being careful anymore, so lost most of my lives and hit points there.

00:39 - The Building Site
04:14 - The Biff Spinach Factory
08:47 - The Jungle
12:42 - The Shipyard