Popeye 3: WrestleCrazy

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 29/03/2020
YouTube Release: 13/11/2022
Duration: 00:22:04
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Player's Review

Shitty game, but I've done Popeye 1 once, and right before this one I did Popeye 2 (was requested), so why not do the third as well.

The opponents are easy. The same tactic can be used on all of them. As soon as you start grabbing each other, you just throw the opponents, then lay on them, then wait for them to knock you off, then you wait for them to be on you, then you knock them off and lay on them, repeat = win. Would be like a 6-7 min video if I did it like this + even more boring, so took my time, showed the moves and stuff. But got bored at the later opponents so started doing the tactic/trick then.