Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis

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Author(s): EinoEino
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 30/08/2015
YouTube Release: 01/03/2024
Duration: 04:10:12
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Player's Review

Played as Atreides on A1200 configuration.

Dune 2 was released for Amiga in 1993, the next year after the PC original version. Amiga version has got good scores and rankings from both gamers and critics. Unfortunately AGA version was never developed so Amiga port loses in graphics quality. The most disappointing aspect is the lack of no music, only a short continuous ambient loop. One extra disk for the music was too much to ask? Never mind the loading times without a hard drive. Lack of music makes the game feel bleak compared to PC version. Gameplay is very similar to PC version, and with similar bugs / problems. I'd much rather play this on PC, but at least it was made so Amiga owners could also get to play it.

I have previously recorded the Harkonnen campaign on PC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiJLOjeyDxs and the Amiga version has also been completed a long time ago with Ordos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW6M8XmD6DY so Atreides was the chosen faction for this longplay.

This campaign was played pretty much the same way as my previous longplay for the PC version on Harkonnen. No saves were taken during missions. I didn't build unnecessary buildings or units and ignored the radar. Too much power is required to keep it active. It takes way too much time, money and construction space to build and maintain all those windtraps. Last missions are obviously harder to finish on Atreides. Instead of the death hand missile Atreides only get fremens. Defending against more missiles in the last two missions takes a toll on resources and time. Sonic tank is less useful than the devastator with heavier armor. Sonics are expensive and require constant relocation to avoid collateral damage to player structures and units. Some ornithopters were built for laughs, but palace was skipped. The palace seems like a waste of money, because fremen are so weak and can't be controlled. There's also nothing special about them compared to regular heavy infantry. There was a constant resource float towards the end of the last mission so at least a couple of palaces could've been built without wasting money, but I was too focused on other stuff to care about it. I put less effort into this video compared to my PC longplay, mostly just quick scouting maps and then finishing missions on first attempt without trying to improve afterwards.

00:03:50 Mission 1
00:10:03 Mission 2
00:18:38 Mission 3
00:31:55 Mission 4
00:48:27 Mission 5
01:14:22 Mission 6
01:42:22 Mission 7
02:12:02 Mission 8
03:01:55 Mission 9
03:58:46 Ending
04:00:43 Mentat