Tiny Troops

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Author(s): NPINPI
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 07/03/2018
YouTube Release: 09/03/2024
Duration: 07:14:31
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Player's Review

War between the Klutes and the Furfurians has been going on Agaris IV for 500 years. After ripping their planet apart, they decide to find another planet to continue the war, one without signs of intelligent life - Earth.

This is a really fun cartoonish real time strategy, one of the best on the Amiga. The difficulty setting cannot be adjusted, which is too bad as the AI is programmed in such way that the enemies will often ignore your attacks, making them an easy target. Kind of hard to explain, but at times the game looks like a puzzle game! Also you must always watch at your troops as they often do thing you didn't give, or stuck in one place for no reason.

You can chose to play as the Klutes or the Furfurians (which I chose because they appear to be the good guys), however regardless who you chose, the scenario and missions are the same.

07:13:54 Klutes ending