Time Warrior (Public Domain)

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 1200
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Additional Info: Public Domain
Publication Date: 30/07/2020
YouTube Release: 20/11/2022
Duration: 01:07:49
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Player's Review

00:01:16 - Intro
00:01:50 - Instructions
00:04:58 - History of Time Warrior
00:05:51 - Gameplay starts
00:48:36 - I turn on "dalek", it's a text-to-speech command, which is not supposed to be used, hence not documented anywhere. It needs the narrator.device file which is not supplied by the game, without it the game crash.
00:58:56 - Defeating Ribolorn
00:59:40 - Outro
01:02:49 - Special outro supplied by the dev (it was meant as a promotional video).
01:06:55 - Instructions/introduction (talks about the game) - supplied on disk 10
01:07:28 - How to play - supplied on one of the disks

Looked through my PD tosec and sorted on games with most disks, this game won. It's on 10 disks. Took a quick look and didn't know what to do, but could see a lot of effort had been put into it so wanted to longplay it. After a bit I realized it would take a while to longplay if I had to figure everything out by myself. So, looked for a walkthrough, found nothing. No guides, hints, tips, nada. Seems like a very uncommon game (first time I've seen it), which is common for PD. Only thing I could find was a 2 minute short video on YouTube that ended in an error message and then guru mediation after the intro. I too had a crash the first time I ran it, but if installed correctly and enough memory, it run properly.

So, I decided to contact the developer, didn't expect him to reply as it's an old game and the site looks very outdated, but he replied. We have for a few weeks, whenever we have time, traded messages back and forth discussing the game and how to finish it. It's been like xx years since he last even looked at the game so he didn't remember everything. I asked if he could write down a walkthrough, or as much as he remembered. He recorded a video and it had 'almost' everything that was needed to get through the game. He sometimes used landscape mode tho when traveling so I had to email him a few extra times asking directions as I didn't know where he went. So it's been back and forth trying to solve the mystery of how to properly beat this game Smile. He said "the game is easy to play, but hard to beat", and I totally agree.

There's no need to sleep/camp as often as I do, but did it to show the different dreams. Some even contains clues. Yes, some are also included in the outro.

Should have made a map from day one. I did it later and it really helped. I'm not too fond of how walking around works, it was kinda confusing to me. Not enough text space here to get into the details. Only real complaint I have is the text parser. Can't type capital letters or punctuation marks (, . ' ?...) so had to type broken English. Asking questions without using a question mark, etc.

Some pictures, including my map: https://imgur.com/a/1xQBQim

~~~ Developer's comment: ~~~

Time Warrior originated with the story 'Axe: A Tale of Carthelion'nearly 4 decades ago. I was in North Africa and to pass my spare time I had taken several award-winning books to read. As it turned out they were the wrong books thus I picked up a pencil and started writing.

Back in Britain the novel was supplemented with an album and an adventure game of the same name for the ZX Spectrum. As the game was supported by a major company it did well making No3 in the adventure charts. Putting a book into print in the 80s was a nightmare but nevertheless it came to pass.

Following 'Axe' I wrote 'Shades of Evil', again with an accompanying. Album. The book and Album were tightly entwined. 'Axe' and 'Shades' came together in the Amiga adventure game 'Time Warrior'. A text only version known as 'Dark Staff' was available on the Spectrum. To really understand how the stories and 'Time Warrior' knit together you need to visit http://www.shadesofevil.com. The book 'pdf' of 'Many Shades of Evil' which contains both novels resides there allowing you to read both stories.

The aim of 'TimeWarrior' was to create a large graphical world where you could move around freely on your mission to obtain the 'Dark Staff' and rid the world of its most dangerous character. You would be writing your own adventure. There is much character interaction in the game and as the walkthrough shows little aimless wondering. You can of course forge your own path. For anyone who wants to try their hand the adventure it is still obtainable and the walkthrough ensures a happy ending, sometimes? I use walkthroughs to drop back on when I'm struggling. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, or cheat?

Starlight, the name on the books and software is basically a brand name. Most of the landscape is real. Too many places to list but the focal point, the Tavern is the 'Marquis of Granby' Most of the characters are also real. My daughter welcomes you to the game and despite the passing of years, she hasn't changed.