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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 29/02/2020
YouTube Release: 15/01/2021
Duration: 00:30:18
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Player's Review

Crush - developed by Smash Designs and released in 1998

Originally sold in small numbers but is now freeware. The game is essentially Katakis, well .. a rock hard version of Katakis (Katakis II?)

The game opens with a nice long intro before being thrust into the main game. Instantly recognisable you go in all guns blazing before noticing the screen filling up pretty quickly with enemies, kind of like enforcer. The difficulty is not so much the enemies but the obstacles you have to fly around with the huge ship sprite! With your eyes more focused on the flashy Force? Weapon, you can easily forget about the ship when flying between rocks or other obstacles on the screen.

I don't know if the version i'm playing is just buggy or not, but the bosses don't put up much if any fight when you get to them, apart from the last couple. To keep the game interesting, much like the original Katakis, the game has some stonking music tracks. While the emulation of the 8580 SID in vice is not great, the bassy and low frequency filtering sounds great here. I cut short the title tune here as I recommend watching the longplay of Katakis to hear the tune in full. I think they should have created an original title tune for this game.