Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH

Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh, developed by Allan Shortt and published by Imagine in 1988

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64
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Publication Date: 03/07/2020
YouTube Release: 09/02/2023
Duration: 01:08:31
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Player's Review

"Revenge of DOH. Eons have passed yet despite apparent annihilation in the original Arkanoid game; Dimension-controlling force DOH has come back to life, and occupying the huge spacecraft ZARG, has entered our universe. Arkanoid type space-fighter Mixtec runs through long forgotten computer data until it finds the answer to this threat. Vaus 2 is launched and speeds towards the threatening alien presence, before it can extract its revenge -- The Revenge of Doh"

A sequel to last years arcade hit! It's more of the same except maybe with even more annoying unbreakable blocks. The ball physics can go crazy if left long enough without breaking blocks, sweeping up and down, then left and right. Problem is that it comes back down at warp speed making it difficult to catch. The collision detection can be a bit suspect as well, often looking like it's passing through some blocks. The main difference between this and the previous game is that you can choose which level you play next. This allows you to note down which you find to be the easier and hard levels and choosing your own path through the game.

I actually prefer the Spectrum conversion to this one. It just seems to play better to me and it also has a power up which allows the background to scroll which looks great if you can get the rare powerup. I've never seen it in the c64 version if it exists at all. Not as well presented as the previous game.

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