Renegade III: The Final Chapter

Renegade III - The Final Chapter developed by Ocean Software and Published under the Imagine label in 1989.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64
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Publication Date: 06/02/2021
YouTube Release: 25/02/2023
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Renegade III - The Final Chapter developed by Ocean Software and Published under the Imagine label in 1989.

"When a guy loses his girl - he loses his mind! Now, in the Final Chapter, Renegade must summon all his strength and lightning reactions as he chases his girlfriend's captors through time itself. Fight against neolithic man, medieval knights, and the tormented undead from within the tombs of Ancient Egypt. Your quest finally takes you BEYOND the present - to a time you'll never forget...but remember...your girl wants to see you alive!"

The third and final game in the Renegade series and I think the plot plays out better in the developers head than it did in the final game. You have to wonder if the developers were taking the game seriously with the way the credits are written on the title screen. Also released on the Amstrad and the C64 but the Spectrum version plays a little differently.

There are four levels which are quite short. Just walk left and you can ignore the baddies for the most part. Climb the walls where needed to get across obstacles. There will be a challenge mid way through where you need to kill many baddies before it lets you continue. Once you can, move the end of the level and do the same again. There is a time limit but there is plenty if you can keep moving. If it gets to zero, it's an instant game over. Your energy is always counting down so you do need to hit some random enemies along the way to replenish it. There doesn't seem to be a way to get extra lives. In the first level you can collect a weapon which will travel with you through time until you lose a life. It does help a little on some enemies as you get get the second hit out quicker but the most powerful move seems to be a jumping high kick as it kills in 1 hit.

The music can sound a bit off in the current vice emulator but to be fair, it probably only sounds correct on the musicians own C64 since there was a fair amount of variance among sid chip revisions.

In the Spectrum version you can get extra lives based on score progression and there doesn't appear to be a way to refill your energy. On the upside you don't lose energy as you walk which is a relief as you just don't have the time to stop and beat up baddies. As far as I noticed, there is also no weapon to pick up.