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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 10/03/2021
YouTube Release: 16/09/2021
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Player's Review

McDonaldland for the Commodore 64 developed by Miracle Games and published by Virgin Games in 1993.

"BOGUS! Ronald McDonald's Magic Bag has been taken by the Hamburglar! EXCELLENT! Mick and Mack , the M C Kids are in full effect and here to save the day! There's a world of difference to enjoy in McDonaldland. It's a magical place with over 30 awesome levels full of crazy creatures and secret suprises to discover. McDonaldland features a radical two player co-operative mode. And if playing upside down doesn't keep you on your toes, the Moon's groovy gravity sure will!"

It was 1993 and C64 game development was winding down in a big way to may way for the new 32bit consoles out at the end of next year. Some developers gave the machine one last big push to to show what the c64 hardware could do and give it a great send off (Mayhem in Monsterland, Lemmings, Alien3 to name but a few). But not the developers of McDonaldland. While im sure it wasn't their fault and more like 30 day deadlines put out by Virgin games, what we got should probably have just been canned as its just tragic. It wouldn't have been the worst £10.99 to spend on the machine, but there were better games out there even in 93.

The game appears to be based on the Nes version. The early levels are mostly the same but it looks like the developers gave up mid way. The C64 lacks all of the originals presentation including the intro, Ronald's house and bonus levels. I played in 2 player mode in order to show both kids through the game. The players swap over when dying or starting a new stage. The game it self is ok if you don't mind how slow it all moves. That half size screen and slow scrolling really cant be excused even if apparently it was due to music taking up cpu cycles. The stages are all fairly small and easy to memorize the placement of enemies. I've tried to show where all McDonald cards are in each stage. Sometimes there is more than one. I'm not sure if the game is counting them properly though or if you even actually need to collect them all. It doesn't auto move to next world on getting all needed cards and it also doesn't let you get all 6 so im not sure what exact requirements are to proceed. At least there is some varied music within each world.

There is no password system so you are expected to go through all this in one sitting. Lives are placed all over the game so it shouldn't run out. Collision detection can be suspect though costing you energy when it really shouldn't have. M icons are are all over the map to collect, but nothing seems to happen when collecting 100 of them. The games one saving grace its artwork. Its quite vibrant and colourful throughout and I have no doubt the game could have been much better with a little more time spent on it.

00:00:00 - Titles
00:00:40 - World 1
00:19:25 - World 2
00:34:35 - World 3
00:48:20 - World 4
01:02:43 - World 5
01:10:25 - World 6

Special Notes:

I could not find an Original tape or disk images for this game so had to make do with a crack of the game. However, finding a working one was a real chore. In days past it was well known that nobody checks their crack before releasing. It was all about being first and getting it out fast. Its a little more shameful when the same is true for recent releases. I'll list a few I can remember trying.

Easyflash by Master = Fails loading World 1-5
Floppy Crack by Cult = Fails after loading 2-1 (i think this one also had the starting kid swapped)
Floppy crack by Master = starts at world 2 in 2 player mode
floppy crack by Excess = corrupted text on map
Hokuto Force crack = starts at world 2 in 2 player mode
Triad floppy crack - This one works!!! Only to find that the trainer options are forced on regardless of what is set in the trainer ...sigh