Predator (US)

Predator, designed by System 3, developed by Source Software and published by Activision in 1998.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 15/05/2021
YouTube Release: 09/02/2023
Duration: 00:17:09
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Player's Review

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" As Major Dutch Schaefer, you face the Predator - the alien hunter who kills for sport. It's wasted your entire squad, and you're next. It skins men alive and collects human skulls. It kills by ripping out your spine. It's waiting. And watching."

Damon Killian is back and this time he is out for revenge. With his body in a disfigured state, he looks more alien than man now and with an arsenal of made for tv weapons, he is now the most dangerous and feared stalker calling himself Predator! . With his new identity intact Ben Richards (as Dutch Schaefer) must again become the Running Man and race through the Jungles of Central America and stop the madman before he destroys the world! It's no easy task though. the local militia have been recruited to slow you down, not knowing the explosive force that awaits them.

Sometimes referred to as the 'Slow' version, This release of the game is notably different to the EU release. I don't know which came first but this one seems more (using the term loosely) polished. The biggest difference is that this version is completable. Other differences include a longer intro, better music and collectable items to help with the mission. The predator also acts differently as well.

The game has four levels. The first two involve running through the jungle, killing enemy soldiers and avoiding the predator laser weapon. Along the way you will pass by your fellow soldiers laying on the ground leaving their weapons behind for you to utilise. In levels 3 and 4, you are being stalked by the Predator. There is mud to hide in, but this game mechanic doesn't seem to work in a useful way. If you stand still, the predator cant see you and the targeting laser will pass you by....usually! At the end of level 3, the mechanic is flat out broken and you get shot anyway. You could use the invincibility collectable here I guess. If you make any movement at all, you are spotted. If you do nothing, you quickly drown in the mud. Just don't shoot at the predator else he will instantly fire back a death shot. The predator wants to fight you in hand to hand combat.

There is a fire you can sit at at the start of level 4, but I couldn't notice if it did anything useful. At the end of the level, you need to fight the predator to make him run away. At which point you set up the trap and drop the tree on him when he comes back to win the game. It didn't go that smoothly in the video as there is some annoying randomness to how it reacts to being hit and shot.

Overall, the game is quite naff. It can be a difficult game but if you get the movements right, you can just run through the levels without shooting anything saving all the lives and energy for the final fight. The C64 version is less annoying than the Spectrum version but its still not without its issues. The best part of the game is probably the Intro and the developers didn't bother waiting any time for an outro. I would have expected better with System 3 involved.

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