Wonder Boy

Wonderboy arcade conversion by Images Design and published b Activision in 1987

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 20/04/2022
YouTube Release: 16/02/2023
Duration: 00:31:21
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Player's Review

"Highly playable and addictive, the captivating cartoon adventure - Wonder Boy is here for your home computer. Wonder Boy is a kid with a quest: to reach his girlfriend across a very unfriendly landscape. Snakes, fires, snails, bees and tumbling boulders can all make for a short trip - but our hero can break open eggs to collect a stone axe, a guardian angel and other useful items. A skateboard speeds up his progress and picking fruit provides bonus points - if you're careful! A game of skill, timing and good, clean fun."

Unlike the Spectrum game, the C64 game is a single load which limits the game in more ways than one. The game plays pretty much like the arcade but has some odd graphical choices. The colours are garish and the sprites have a low level of detail as do the levels them selves. The SID rendition of the music is well done and just as annoying and repetitive as the original.

The game has 7 areas each with 4 levels. At the end of each area an end of level boss is faced. Most levels contain a doll to be found which ads to your bonus score at the end of the level. Either intentional by design or lack of understanding how the arcade game works, you cant collect a doll on every level and there is no Area 8 to unlock. The status display at the top shows collected toys which you get after defeating the bosses.

Overall the C64 game is ugly but it plays well enough. I would probably to choose to play any other version than this though.

00:00:00 Area 1
00:04:10 Area 2
00:07:55 Area 3
00:12:18 Area 4
00:16:20 Area 5
00:21:08 Area 6
00:25:50 Area 7