Fun School 3: For the Under 5s

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga CDTV
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 30/10/2019
YouTube Release: 31/03/2024
Duration: 00:16:46
File Size: 23.62 MB (24189.85 KB)
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Player's Review

The CDTV version. It's about 2mb while the normal version is around 700kb (most of the extra space is the manual I think... I did check, but forgot, but... ye, think it was the manual... can't be bothered to re-check... ye, not important... but still... *burp*... excuse me, just had pizza and 1L of Coke Zero). It has a title screen with a lame voice message, a manual, a bit different look to the menu, uses arrow keys/joystick instead of the mouse, question button for help, you can select difficulty levels, and maybe some other stuff.