Team Innocent: The Point of No Return

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Author(s): NPINPI
System: PC-FX
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Publication Date: 21/11/2020
YouTube Release: 12/08/2022
Duration: 03:36:45
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Player's Review

Team Innocent is the only survival horror game on the PC-FX. And probably the best looking game on that console.

The story:

Set in the future, our story begin when a scientist is arrested for conducting genetic experiments on human beings. The police chief rescues three little girls, each one of whom bears the traces of these experiments.

Fifteen years later: the three young women - Saki, Lilis, and Ariel - now work for the Police, and have been trained to be a special operations team known as "Team Innocent". determined to find out the truth about their origins. They are sent on three dangerous missions, which they might not survive...