Biohazard RE:3 Z Version

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Author(s): Spazbo4Spazbo4
System: PlayStation 4
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Publication Date: 01/10/2021
YouTube Release: 31/12/2024
Duration: 03:43:57
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Player's Review

This is the Z version of the game that was released in Japan, the Z stands for the Cero rating as there is a more censored version that Japan got. The Z version is also somewhat censored from what I could tell, it doesn't explode the heads of zombies when you get a critical headshot but other than that it seems to be the same as the western release. Since I will do both Japanese versions of the game to show the censorship for it this version has all Japanese voice acting and text.

The difficulty in this version seems to be a bit harder than what I remember for the regular game so I was having a tough time at one point and once I got to the sewers I died enough times for the game to ask if I wanted to lower the difficulty, so when I get to the sewers part of the game you will notice at one point I get the Assault Rifle and that will be at the part of the game where I lowered the difficulty for this longplay. If you want to see the longplay played better on regular difficulty then just watch the regular Resident Evil 3 Longplay on PC since that version has better controls than playing with a controller