Gal*Gun Returns

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Switch
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Publication Date: 29/05/2021
YouTube Release: 13/06/2023
Duration: 13:23:14
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Player's Review

Railshooter by Inticreates. Alternatively: House of the Waifu. Kawaii Krisis.

Follow Tenzou who gets shot by a kazillion arrows and is now a really popular person. HOWEVER, he has to find love or he will be FOREVER ALONE. Oh yeah, and a cupid follows him because it was her fault. Hilarity between them ensues.

Gameplay is simple: point reticule on girls and shoot 'em. Aiming at specific spots will make characters appear, which indicates their sensitive spot (read: weak point). Shoot for big points and one shot "kill". Oh yeah, and if you are overswarmed by waifus, you can use the Doki Doki Mode (the game's bomb) to not only clear the screen but also adjusts Tenzou's stats, which influences his answers for a girl's route.

This longplay shoots all the waifus on all 4 routes on Seasoned Lover difficulty while getting the True Ending (high feeling rating from answering correctly and doing really well on certain stages to get the memory). While I'm at it, I throw in Doki Doki Carnival and show all stages while changing up costumes worn during it.

Part 1 is Story Mode. Part 2 is Doki Doki Carnival.

I kinda like this game's localization.
I have also learned that Kaoruko's route is pretty difficult: overall difficulty and scoring.