Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Switch
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Publication Date: 28/08/2021
YouTube Release: 23/09/2022
Duration: 01:09:37
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Player's Review

Beat 'em up by Secret Base.

ZOMBEHZ ARE ATTACKING AT A CONVENTION! A fairy appears to give special powers to beat up the zombehz while harvesting the zom-zoms souls. or something. Oh yeah, and lots of references to popular media. :3

Gameplay involves hitting button to slap zombie. You also have special attacks that do lots of damage and, when killing enemy with it, get lots of money. After beating a stage, you can spend the money on power-ups. It is ALWAYS different. Oh yeah, and stage selections determine what stages you play.

This longplay NOT!MAGITEKS the zombehz on Normal mode while paying the price to get true ending or something.