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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Switch
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 29/12/2021
YouTube Release: Banned
Duration: 05:01:12
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Player's Review

Sneaky game by @unepic_fran.

Follow Jesse Fox, a normal guy who gets imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, as he escapes an island. This is his story. Hilarity ensues.

BIG OL' METAL GEAR PARODY! Plays like it, too. You sneak around, neutralize guards to get EXP, all that fun stuff. There's also some item mixing, which may or may not be dangerous! There's also some boss fights, which can be challenging at times. There's a bit of trial-and-error gameplay. so a first-time playthrough will have quite the lot of game overs due to trying to figure out how to get past an obstacle or making choices that are wrong. Speaking of: some choices make some sections easier. Others harder.

This longplay bumbles through Hard difficulty while getting Game Overs and reloading save...A LOT! I want my EXP! Also took a few intentional game overs for some funsies. Didn't go after some challenges because they kinda contradict one another (like Splash Mike and doors in the labyrinth).