Shadow of Memories

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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: Xbox
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Publication Date: 23/02/2017
YouTube Release: 11/01/2024
Duration: 05:21:48
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Player's Review

This is one of my all time favourite games just for the story alone. The xbox version was the first version I had played and I picked up a copy without knowing what the game was about and since then I have played every release.

Here you play as Eike and your goal is to stop yourself dying through use of time travel. Most chapters are quite linear but others you can alter the way you go about things or even skip them entirely. There are multiple endings and in this video I go through to get ending A as I feel this has the most important story content. I add on the other endings, and the odd scene to make sense of the endings, on to the end of the video. Once you have unlocked all the main endings you then get to play Ex mode which starts you off with the knowledge of all the events right from the start. I have added this mode on after the main endings and have included both Ex endings with it.

Ending A: 03:26:24
Ending B1: 03:42:30
Ending B2: 03:50:18
Ending C: 04:00:59
Ending D: 04:11:50
Ending E: 04:27:09

Ex new game: 04:53:36
Ex Ending 1: 05:10:21
Ex Ending 2: 05:14:51

For whatever reason the sound effects of Eike's footsteps were insanely loud. Looking at other xbox footage of the game on YouTube I found the same issues. To make it more manageable I turned down the sfx volume after the first scenes. You will see that I have the skip now icon near the start because I had to repeat the scenes after fixing. I remember the footsteps being quite loud in other versions but never this bad.