Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

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Author(s): Spazbo4Spazbo4
System: Xbox
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Publication Date: 01/05/2017
YouTube Release: 17/01/2024
Duration: 06:13:37
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Player's Review

The end of the game was recorded over again because the original sound got screwed up so I did the whole game on NG+ so in my inventory I had a few items that aren't obtainable in a normal run of the game, and the time of the run at the very end is wrong because I had to do the game again and didn't get lost the second time around but the only thing I recorded again was the final two boss fights and the end credits

Released on the XBOX with more content than the original PS2 version, but then PS2 version got rereleased with the same stuff, this version of the game is a tiny bit worse than the PS2 version but the differences are not noticeable enough to really make a difference plus this version has progressive scan