Final Fantasy X


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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: PlayStation 2
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Publication Date: 20/04/2009
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Duration: 25:51:35
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Player's Review

Run through of FFX! using the PAL version so it runs a tiny bit slower than the others versions. I leave out a couple parts of the video where i stoped to level up near the start of the game and cut out a few random battles on the mi'hen highroad and and mount gagazet just because they came so often.

It had been awhile since i played so the trials weren't that fresh to me and had to work out while i recorded. Was going to look for solutions to them beforehand but was too lazy. I had to edit a bit of macalania temple because i kept going round in circles and activating the reset switch by accident. So you should see an an error in the video of that temple.

Its just a basic run through of the story, dont include getting celestial weapons/secret aeons but add the dark aeon and penance battles at the end of the video.