Super Skweek

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Author(s): Eric-119Eric-119
System: Atari Lynx
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Publication Date: 20/07/2020
YouTube Release: 31/05/2021
Duration: 09:12:53
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Player's Review

The goal is to go around painting the tiles pink, while dealing with all the monsters and other hazards. A quite good

game, but can be unforgiving. Quite often I would rewind the emulator when I died, but other times let it stand.

Sometimes I would just undo a couple seconds, but other times I restarted the whole level. (I don't really like frequent

use of rewind because of the possibility of the result being unnatural.)

In many levels you can buy things from shops to help you out. In earlier parts of the game I tended to do this less

often, I think.

One bothersome thing is the long cutscenes at the beginning of every single level. There's some variety to them, but they

get old fast. It's possible to skip through them, but since this is a longplay I didn't do that.

00:02:17 - Welcome Island
01:55:23 - Pagalagos Island
03:45:29 - Krokotao Volcanis
05:33:42 - Zonguldak Empire
07:20:50 - Vociferia Eatacus