Tetris Plus

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System: Game Boy
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Publication Date: 19/10/2020
YouTube Release: 05/12/2022
Duration: 02:17:33
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Player's Review

Early I played Tetris Plus for PlayStation. This version is slightly different from that one (apart from the simplified graphics and music of course):

- there are 4 difficulty levels in Puzzle Mode in GB version (I played on normal difficulty);
- PlayStation version has 2 soundtracks for each of 20 stages instead 1 in GB version;
- GB version has some unique stages in Puzzle Mode;
- different music on map screen in GB version;
- fewer plots in GB version.

As in the version for PlayStation after beating all 100 stages you may replay any stage if you want.

Time codes:
00:01:25 - Egypt
00:29:06 - Angkor Wat
00:53:00 - Maya
01:16:56 - Knossos
01:46:29 - Atlantis
02:15:23 - Ending
02:15:40 - Credits