Park Patrol

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 29/11/2020
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Player's Review

Park Patrol for the Commodore 64 by Tony Ngo and published by Avctivision in 1984.

"Well, it's sorta like summer camp. Only, it;s a whole mess better. Thanks to the miracle of computer technology, an ingenious "customizer option" now lets you have a hand in creating your very own parkland. But then, you've gotta protect it. On land and on water. Swampy snake-infested and slightly silly, it's your park. And, you're it's Ranger. (We're talking responsibility.) We'll give you a raft, snake repellent and a few morsels of nourishment. Period. No tenderfoots need apply. So, be a man, Or, be a woman. That's up to you, too. And it's the last easy decision you'll have any time to make. The great outdoors awaits."

I originally had this game from a Commodore Force cover tape sometime in 1993. Its hard to believe the game came out in 1984 as the game seems so well presented with great game play even going into the 90s. I would have been surprised if I found out it was originally from 1990 but ..1984? But all games from 84, there is no notion of an an ending and its all about the accumulation of points and just keeps going and going until your lives run out.

The game has 8 distinct levels, each more difficult than the last and once finished you cycle through them again. The game features an editor where you can set up the individual parameters for each of the 8 levels. Boy or girl ranger, number of snakes, swimmers, turtles so you can tailor the whole game to your liking. Each level has its own little jingle and once in game, there is a really nice parallax effect going on

The core game play requires you to pick up litter spread across the level on land and in the water. You can walk or take the raft. On land you need to avoid the turtles and watch out for bugs stealing food from your hut. The food serves as energy which you are using up all the time and can be replenished at the hut. In water, eels and swimmers must be avoided as well as the logs which you can grab some extra points from if you are skilled enough to stay on.

The game seems quite basic yet still rewarding in game play.