Skeleton Warriors

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Publication Date: 07/02/2021
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Player's Review

Skeleton Warriors, Developed by Neversoft Entertainment and published by Playmates Interactive in 1996.

"His sword slices the air inches from your face. You realize his next furious swing could mean your death. His size, hos power, his savage strength are stunning. You can barely breathe, let alone fight, in the face of the evil Baron dark and his Skeleton Legion. As prince Lightstar, you alone are the final defense against the terrifying skeleton brigade. This is no easy task, for Baron Dark holds half of the mighty Lightstar Crystal. With it, he can change anyone with an evil heart into an evil skeleton slave. You must stalk him ... you must conquer him ... you must not return without the Crystal. You need to put the forces of good and evil back in the balance. If you fail ... you and your once-peaceful world will pay."

I guess be go slay that Baron and recover the crystal then! The game features fully rendered 3D gfx and characters and plays quite well on the Saturn. I play on Hard mode in case it unlocks anything at the end (spoiler did not) and really, it just caused more problems on the later levels and especially final boss section. Id just leave the game on normal and enjoy the game for what it is.

The game is fairly simple. Kill any and all enemies that are on the screen in order to scroll onto the next area. Collect any soul crystals dropped as if left, the enemy will come back to life! The levels are straight forward enough but its the Skybike levels which are really annoying. Enemies just spawn in on top of you shooting at you instantly causing lots of damage. Control is super twitchy as well making it difficult to aim. Playing on Hard makes it even more so. The game has a nice cd sound track playing throughout.

00:00:00 - Intro
00:03:00 - Crystal Mine
00:06:25 - URSA
00:07:10 - Mountain Top
00:10:35 - Mountain Run (Skybike)
00:13:00 - Crystal Cave
00:15:10 - Dagger
00:16:15 - Araculan Temple
00:20:00 - Araculan Assault (Skybike)
00:22:25 - Mudu
00:24:50 - Deeper Temple
00:27:45 - Aracula
00:29:00 - Simiania
00:32:30 - Simian Strafe (Skybike)
00:35:00 - Gorgon Airship
00:38:20 - Gorgon Tunnels
00:43:00 - Shriek
00:44:20 - Luminicity
00:48:20 - Darkcity
00:52:25 - Dark Infiltration (Skybike)
00:54:50 - Baron's Manor
00:57:20 - Final Encounter
01:03:20 - Death Anim