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Publication Date: 25/02/2021
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Player's Review

Airwolf, developed and published by Elite systems in 1985

"As Stringfellow Hawke, a former Vietnam chopper pilot, and the only man in the free world trained to fly the billion-dollar helicopter AIRWOLF you have been assigned a dangerous rescue mission by the FIRM."

TV and Movie licenced games have always had a stigma attached to them with Ocean Software taking most of them for the Home Computer systems with the games being very loosely tied to the source material. Elite systems didn't do anything to change perceptions with Airwolf that has little or no relevance to the series apart from a helicopter sprite! The game is terrible and a huge waste of the licence. They would have been better off putting the Airwolf sprite in a choplifter knock off and would be closer to the series than the game we got.

In the game you have to navigate around the map into 5 sectors and rescue one or all of the scientists as well as making it back to base. You get ONE life that has to last you through all missions. You get 9 units of energy which has to last you until you have rescued the scientists and returned back to base. It all sounds very easy but in practice its very frustrating and even more so when you find out the game has no end!!

The game features:- Realistic Simulation of Helicopter Control!! Frantic Arcade Action and Full gravity and momentum with 64 directional smooth scroll. This so called realistic movement is the games worst enemy with a slight miss direction on the stick can send you flying in the wrong direction to death. The game requires almost pixel perfect finesse to survive.

Initially the game starts out with you having to go to each sector one by one to rescue one scientist. Once done you have to collect 2, then 3 , 4 and 5. Pretty much impossible in the real world but thanks to emulation and manipulation, we can see it. Unfortunately the game just goes round and round till you eventually die.

00:00:00 Loading Message
00:03:23 Title screen and death
00:03:52 5 Sectors each with 1 rescue
00:09:55 Rescue 2 scientists
00:17:41 Rescue 3 scientists
00:25:20 Rescue 4 scientists
00:31:45 Rescue 5 scientists
00:35:50 Rescue 5 Scientists - Youve seen everything the game has by now and I really wanted it to end after this one but ...NO