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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
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Publication Date: 08/04/2021
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Street Fighter. Produced by Pacific Dataworks and published by Capcom in 1988.

"Both compelling and addictive, Street Fighter is one of the most outstanding martial arts combat games yet devised. The action is intense as you travel across 5 colourful locations, to combat 10 of the toughest and meanest adversaries you'll ever meet. Japan, China, USA, Thailand and England provide the backdrop for this thrilling spectacle that will test your combat skills and endurance to the limit. ... Let nothing stand in your way"

This game comes in two versions (US/EU) and both are notably different from each other. Two teams had a go at converting the arcade game to the 64 and both failed miserably.

The US release being played here looks and plays more like Yie Ar Kung Fu with its static backgrounds and small hires sprites. The gameplay is fast and you can be beat down in seconds if not paying attention. However the game plays quite badly due to really poor collision detection. The hit box for when the oponent comes at you is huge and you may not even be able to jump away from it. I get by with some cheap crouching kicks and punches but the game steps up when you get to Eagle. Its nearly impossible to dodge the spinning sticks and the move has such a high reach, you may not be able to get that close to him to land hits. It really feels like the game is cheating at this point. The one saving grace in this version is that after you have knocked out all 10 oponents, the game has an end screen. There are no bonus rounds.

Overall, the conversion is a pretty bad rendition of the original arcade game. It does look much better than the EU release but the sounds is so much much worse. I'm not sure US developers for the C64 had anyone that really knew how to programe the sid chip. The EU release is the more playable game even if it looks crap, but its to really saying much.