Forgotten Worlds

Original Arcade game by Capcom. C64 conversion by Arc Developments and published by US Gold in 1989.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 04/08/2021
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Duration: 00:33:27
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Player's Review

"It's the next century in FORGOTTEN WORLDS, and you're the only one left who can save Mother Earth from savage aliens. Your space-age weaponry is awesome but so are your obstacles! Armed with an anti-gravity device you can fly through enemy defenses and eradicate the alien bases. But watch out! Missiles, monsters, dragons, robots and laser guns are bombarding you from every direction!"

Whilst the original arcade game wasn't great, the c64 bit conversion does a reasonable job of recreating the gfx and gameplay but blew it on playability due to poor controls. The game does fully support 2 players though which is the best way to get though the game. The game is overly challenging in single player as the enemies are all attack just you. The projectiles are fast and it can be a real pain to aim at your enemies. When you move left or right, the gun rotates and there is no way to lock it into a single firing arc while you move around and fire.

The game has 7 levels and every other level has a shop mid level. here you can upgrade your weapons by spending any coins collected during the level. A problem with the C64 version is that these coins a few and far between. Extra lives and energy refill can also be bought. Of all the 8 bit versions, the C64 seems to have got the worst of them. While the overall presentation is intact and well done and the gfx are ok, There is not much in the way of music during the game and the sfx is quite basic. The levels them selves don't seem very varied and repeat over and over. The Spectrum version even outdoes this game.

I used the 2019 Hokuto Force crack of the game and found the game to have notable bugs. I cant say if the original retail game has the same issues or not. The Dust Dragon and God of War boss levels had no sfx at all. A potentially game breaking issue with level 7 is that there are no coins to collect as well as no shop! This fakes the final level frustratingly long and difficult. The final boss seemed to take way to long to kill and the god of war boss was way too quick! There also doesn't seem to be the weapons satellite floating around you in this port.

Note: Avoid the Easy Flash release. This one will crash after beating the Dust Dragon. I prefer to use easy flash versions while recording as then I don't need to cut any loading sections later but there are so many broken ones and it's really annoying when they fail several levels into the game or in some cases right at the very end!

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