Also known as CJ's 4th Adventure or CJ's Island Antics. The game was released on the digital magazine Magic Disk 64 (March 1995).

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 23/10/2021
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Player's Review

This game isn't really up to the standard of the previous CJ games and probably one reason it didn't get the initial release by Codemasters. It's not a great game but if it was priced right say a 1.99 budget release it would have been acceptable. However it did get picked up by CP Verlag and published on the Magic Disk 64 Digital Magazine with the only noticeable difference being that any references to CJ have been changed to Jimbo.

A fairly short and not overly difficult game. Ideal for the younger player or those that just want a quick simple game without the usual frustrations c64 platformers come with. There are five levels with only the final one having a boss to fight and it can be a little annoying due to his firing speed compared to the rest of the games enemies. Upon completion the game loops and starts over while at the same time resetting your score, the cheek! You need to play a little more and lose all lives by the final boss if you want to appear on the score board.

I have shown the bonus areas in this video. They are also included in the CJ version although I've not shown them in that video.