Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

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Author(s): DiggerandIndyDiggerandIndy
System: XBox One
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Publication Date: 27/11/2021
YouTube Release: Banned
Duration: 09:01:29
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Player's Review

MEGA MAN 7 - This is the only deathless playthrough. It'd better be; this is my favorite Classic Mega Man game, underrated as it is!

MEGA MAN 8 - I had to do some slight editing due to some cheap accidents in Sword Man's level. Yes, I included the cutscenes, so you can make all the Dr. Wahwee jokes you want. Nobody said this game aged well.

MEGA MAN 9 - Out of all the Classic Mega Man games, this one's my least favorite, so I decided to do some off-screen grinding just to load 'er up as best I can. To Hell with those spike traps!!

MEGA MAN 10 - I played as Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass (via a button input on the title screen) on Easy Mode Just no. After dealing with the prequel I deserved a break.