The Raven Project

The Raven Project, developed and published by Cryo Interactive Entertainment on the Playstation in 1996.

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"Battle to Survive Alien Annihilation. Conquered by an ancient alien race, Humankind faces possible extinction as the Earth struggles to survive. Determined to stay alive, you realise your only hope is to join a death-defying rebel force. Launch and rule the air in a high speed space combat fighter, duel monstrous opponents in a mechanised warrior, destroy land invaders through surface planetary combat. With three styles of intense space battle, live action cinematics and an unnerving storyline, The Raven Project is deep-space action at it's most electrifying."

I've not seen the Original PC game released in 1995 but I hope it turned out better than this PlayStation version. Looking at images of the boxes I did notice that the PC version included pre-rendered tail gunner shooter gameplay that isn't in the PS version. Sometimes the FMV parts don't seem to match up with what you do or did in the missions.

The PS game comes on 2 CD's and there are plenty of FMV sequences throughout. However all the missions seem to play out the same way either in space or on land. Just shoot everything and win. The maps are small and quite basic like the developers had never seen the likes of wing commander or x-wing which really set the bar for this style of game.

The enemy AI are dumb as dirt. When they are not flying around erratically they will fly into you which can cause a high amount of damage quickly. More annoying is when a friendly cruiser you have to defend gets in an enemies way as the two will collide stripping the ship you need to defend of its armour in seconds. There are a few levels near the end where this can be game breaking. And it doesn't help that you are being fired upon the very moment you enter the level without a chance to get your bearings. Targeting the enemy can be problematic. Sometimes it will target the enemy directly in front of you but 99% of the time you have to cycle through all the enemies in the level until it highlights the one you want.

Overall this is not a great space combat game on PlayStation. With an unlocked framerate you can quickly lose control when there is not much on screen due to suddenly feeling like you are moving at warp speed.

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:20 Campaign 1 (3 Missions)
00:19:30 Campaign 2 (6 Missions)
00:51:50 Campaign 3 (8 Missions)
01:33:05 Campaign 4 (8 Missions)
02:20:45 Campaign 5 (4 Missions)