Lethal Zone

Lethal Zone, developed by Double Density & X-Ample in 1991. Published by Cp-Verlag as a covermount on issue 10 of Goldendisk64 in 1991.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Player's Review

"A fascinating shooting game with Arcade-like backgrounds and a groovy soundtrack. Explore 4 varied stages with lots of crazy enemies, extras (Energy, Beam, Double Fire etc.) and a screen-filling end boss. Some of the technical features this game offers - Parallax-Scrolling with 25Hz, Sprite Multiplexer with more than 10 sprites at the same time and over 12 Screens of graphical background. The final bosses (as tall as 20 sprites!) are all moved around the screen without flickering - a sophistication barely any other game offers."

Another nice shooter for the c64. The back of the box talks a lot about its technically prowess which while good, doesn't really stand out that well in 1991. We had Turrican, Katakis, X-out and no doubt others which have slipped my mind pushing the C64 just as much if not more. Not to take anything away from the game as it still a very well produced game.

The game consists of four levels each with a big boss to battle at the end. Getting there though can be a challenge as the enemy flies across the screen at high speed and can fly into you before you have chance to react. When coming upto a laserwall you may even have to watch your back as they fly in from the left side.

Some enemies drop weapon upgrades, fuel or charge for your super energy laser. High powered laser has limited charges and is activated by holding fire. Fuel is dropped by random enemies and causes me a problem in level four as I am clearly not killing the right enemies to drop fuel causing me to run out and lose some lives.

Overall a nice game for the C64 with nice gfx and great music for each level.

00:00:00 Title Music
00:04:47 Level One
00:07:57 Level Two
00:11:22 Level Three
00:14:52 Level Four