Need for Speed: Nitro-X

Need for Speed : Nitro-X DSiWare downloadable. Developed by Firebrand Games and Published by Electronic Arts in 2010. A cut down version of NFS:Nitro released on the DS in 2009.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: DS
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Additional Info: DSi
Publication Date: 29/06/2022
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Duration: 03:13:55
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Player's Review

"Get in gear for the super-charged thrill of driving the world’s hottest cars and the flat-out fun of arcade-style racing! Access awesome custom features like the Camera Tag Editor: snap images with the camera and plaster racing environments with your personal tag. Touch controls give you the feel of real racing as you push it to the limit in up to 18 supercars. Set your siren off in the exclusive Super Pursuit Mode that lets you drive as a Cop!"

Out of all the Need for Speed games this on is probably the ugly duckling of the franchise. Its more like a generic arcade racer with the NFS name thrown on. What other NFS game has you driving out collecting tokens/collectables and smashing stuff. I guess the tagging mechanic of having your logo sprayed on buildings was enough to earn the title name.

This version is a notably cut down version of the original Nitro release on the DS. Missing here is most of the music, events, half of the cars, changed or missing textures and even the tutorial amongst other things. The presentation of the UI is better here though being larger at the top of the screen instead of tucked away at the side.

The game is made of of 6 countries with different race events contained including racing, smashing, collecting and Hot pursuit. These are played multiple times over three difficulty levels. In the longplay I play through all events and difficulties to finally unlock all cars and the end credits. The game has a trophy system which I mostly completer but not 100% as it requires grinding points. Doing so wouldn't unlock anything or add to the game so I still consider it done. After the credit roll I clean up the last trophy and collectables that I don't think i can collect during career race. It's worth noting that after completing all 6 countries at Gold level, the game talks about taking to the Moon. Instead of a Moon level as found in the original Nitro game, we play the final Nitro level before rolling the credits. It would not let me choose a car so I had to re-race it afterwards for a trophy I was working towards.

Controls are responsive and each car reacts a little differently. Only light touches required on the dpad else you are likely to go flying across the road. Police cars can appear randomly in the road and you need to be really quick on the heroic button press to get the jump on them. Even waiting for the perfect red marker you are likely to crash.

Overall, not the greatest driving game on the DS, and not even a great nfs game but as an arcade racer it is ok with some fun elements like leaping over cars and road blocks and finding a few special auto drive events. Collectables are scattered over the various tracks but can only be found in the races by collecting all the orange tags. Sometimes these are sneakily hidden in forks in the road where you can easily take the wrong path and miss it. collecting ordinary yellow tags instead.

00:00:00 Bronze Difficulty Events
00:54:00 Silver Difficult Events
01:52:25 Gold Difficulty Event
03:03:42 Credit Roll and Cleanup